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A noteworthy review of The Scoop on Superstitions from Booklist on April 1, 2023

Cover: Wishbones

Who hasn’t wrapped their fingers around a greasy wishbone, their secret hopes to be determined with a fateful snap? This is but one of the unusual practices covered by the Scoop on Superstitions series (12 titles). In this selection, readers become acquainted with the furcula and how different cultures through history came to believe this V-shaped bone carried powers. Four short chapters trace the custom’s origins, beginning with the ancient Etruscans, who believed chickens to be sacred, and ending in the U.S., where the term wishbone was coined. Crisp, clean layouts feature plenty of white space and relevant stock photos, while fact boxes and photo captions add interesting tidbits to the smoothly written main text, such as introducing the concept of alectryomancy (fortune-telling with chickens!). A fun, high-interest choice.

—Julia Smith

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