Editorial Review

A noteworthy review of Dino Discovery from School Library Journal on April 1, 2023

Cover: Armored Dinos

This series introduces dinosaurs by groups such as armored, horned, etc. Readers may dive into their favorite type of dinos, or work their way through the complete series. Along with illustrations, there are bullet lists of fun facts, and text boxes and captions with extra details. A ‘What We Know’ section covers when and where the creatures lived and were discovered, as well as graphs comparing their size to that of humans. Sidebars address topics for debate, such as whether pterosaurs had feathers. There is also a kid-pleaser showdown between two dinosaurs of the group, which focuses on speed, weakness, and best weapon or defense. Back matter includes a glossary, index, suggestions for books and websites to learn more, and a time line. The ‘Wonder More’ encourages readers to think, talk, and write about what they have learned. VERDICT A good series to replace older titles or expand up-to-date collections.

—Suzanne Costner

Products Reviewed

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Armored Dinos
Dino Relatives
Duck-Billed Dinos
Fierce Dinos
Horned Dinos
Huge Dinos
Little Dinos
Long-Necked Dinos
Long-Tailed Dinos
Plated Dinos
Speedy Dinos
Toothy Dinos

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