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A noteworthy review of Understanding Idioms from School Library Journal on April 1, 2023

Cover: There's a Bug in My Ear!

Out like a light. Play it by ear. Off the hook. Who isn’t curious where these ­silly sayings come from? This extensive series demystifies just about every idiom a young reader can think of. Each phrase is used in a paragraph and given a definition followed by its origin story. Funny illustrations ­accompany the phrases and take up much of the page. Each page fits one or two phrases, and each book concludes with a glossary, an index, and resources for further reading. Children are also given extension activities to continue exploring idioms. VERDICT This series is a dictionary of idioms that lets kids have fun with language. ­Recommended.

—Cathy DeCampli

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Break a Leg! NEW
Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth! NEW
Go Fly a Kite! NEW
Hold Your Horses! NEW
I'm On Cloud Nine! NEW
I'm Tickled Pink! NEW
It's as Clear as a Bell! NEW
Keep Your Eyes Peeled! NEW
The Early Bird Catches the Worm! NEW
There's a Bug in My Ear! NEW
You Let the Cat Out of the Bag! NEW
You're Clean as a Whistle! NEW

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