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A noteworthy review of Inside Big Events from School Library Journal on April 1, 2023

Cover: Inside the Daytona 500

This series views big events from a variety of perspectives, offering a unique and comprehensive view not often provided in sports nonfiction. The Daytona 500 shares perspectives from the founder, a chief starter, a fan, a driver, and a broadcaster. The NBA Finals view the event through the eyes of LeBron James, coach Steve Kerr, a Laker Girl Cheerleader, Mavs owner Mark Cuban, and a Milwaukee Bucks fan. The Super Bowl includes perspectives from a fan, referee, and coach, as well as from QB Patrick Mahomes and half-time performer The Weeknd. Direct quotes, cited in bibliographies, and excellent writing make this a fantastic resource series for researchers. While the Olympics include measured coverage of female- and male-identifying athletes, The World Cup focuses almost exclusively on the men’s World Cup, which is disappointing as the USWNT is more successful internationally than the ­USMNT. VERDICT ­Recommended for general ­purchase, despite reservations about the World Cup book.

—Abby Bussen

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Inside the Daytona 500 5.0
Inside the NBA Finals 5.0
Inside the Olympics 4.9
Inside the Super Bowl 4.9
Inside the World Cup 4.8
Inside the World Series 4.8

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