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A noteworthy review of Into the Wild Outdoors from Booklist on October 1, 2023

Cover: Saltwater Fishing

While unlikely to reel in readers without an existing interest in fishing, this introduction to saltwater fishing covers many practical aspects of the sport. It begins with a fictional scenario of a boy fishing with his mom, approachably demonstrating many of the topics tackled by the main text. The chapter ‘Saltwater Fishing Basics’ discusses the importance of obtaining a fishing license and knowing local regulations, before it plunges into equipment (saltwater fish can be quite large and require sturdy gear), tackle, and bait. The third and final chapter offers tips to help aspiring anglers get started, such as practicing tying knots and taking fishing lessons. Illustrations (large photos and a fish chart)join topical sidebars to expand upon the simply written text. Part of the wide-ranging Into the Wild Outdoors series (12 titles).

—Julia Smith

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