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A noteworthy review of Military's Most Powerful from School Library Journal on November 1, 2023

Cover: Powerful Tanks

Robots, machine guns, drones, missiles, warships, and more are examined in these eight volumes. The authors discuss how the respective machines work and what they do. The underlying theme is safety for military personnel, highlighting how drones and robots handle dangerous jobs for humans. Readers learn that robots can put out fires on ships, the M249 can fire 850 rounds per minute, the C-5M Super Galaxy is the largest U.S. military aircraft, and the ­special paint used on the B-21 Raider bomber deflects radar. Some of the data included is quite detailed, and there is much for interested readers to glean. Photographs and diagrams complement the informative texts nicely. Future engineers will probably enjoy these titles as much as military enthusiasts, as they will find this technology quite impressive. VERDICT: These well-written volumes will be appreciated by middle grade readers who are interested in the military as well as engineering and require more than nice photographs. Selectors should consider.

—Margaret Nunes

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