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A noteworthy review of Milestones in Technology from School Library Journal on November 1, 2023

Cover: Car Technology

Readers can look at how far we’ve come in this thorough series, with each book serving as a ‘greatest hits’ in the technological life of its subject. Car Technology includes upgrades from hand-crank combustion engines to electric starters, the addition of seat belts for safety, and anti-lock braking systems to keep cars from sliding on slick roads. Space Technology highlights the launch of Sputnik 1, the Apollo 11 mission that put men on the moon, and the Curiosity rover, the biggest to ever explore Mars. Bulleted fast facts at the beginning of each book pull key concepts from the text to the front, helping students with recall should they have to book talk or write a report on what they read. The clear, concise text doesn’t have a great narrative flow, a given considering the time line style of the series. Still, it has wide use for student researchers, so it’s worth considering in school libraries. VERDICT: An additional purchase for most.

—Abby Bussen

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