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A noteworthy review of Joke Books from Children's Bookwatch on October 1, 2023

Cover: Animal Jokes

Deftly compiled by Pam Rosenberg and charmingly illustrated by Mernie Gallagher-Cole, The Child’s World has published a new series of library bound and thoroughly ‘kid friendly’ joke books for young readers ages 6-9 — each of them having a particular theme to their humor. https://www.childsworld.com/shop/show/8335 ‘Doctor Jokes’ (9781503880733, $32.79, HC, 22pp) Doctor, doctor! If you want to know what you should do if you accidentally swallow a harmonica, this is the book for you! Kids will have fun reading and repeating these physician-related funnies. https://www.childsworld.com/shop/show/8337 ‘Food Jokes’ (9781503880757, $32.79, HC, 24pp) Don’t tell an egg a joke unless you want it to crack up! Food Jokes is the perfect kid-friendly compilation of quips that will keep the entire family giggling at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. https://www.childsworld.com/shop/show/8339 ‘Space Jokes’ (9781503880771, $32.79, HC, 24pp) Why did the astronaut take a mop into space? To clean up the stardust! How is a telephone like the planet Saturn? They both have rings! Kids are sure to enjoy reading and telling these out-of this-world jokes. https://www.childsworld.com/shop/show/8340 ‘Sports Jokes’ (9781503880788, $32.79, HC, 24pp) How do you start a firefly race? Why is tennis such a noisy game? How do robins get in shape? Just how many sports jokes can you get into one book? You will soon discover the answers to all these questions! This book will keep your fellow fans giggling throughout the game! https://www.childsworld.com/shop/show/5824 ‘Dinosaur Jokes’ (9781503880740, $32.79, HC, 24pp) How do dinosaurs pay their bills? With Tyrannosaurus checks! What should you do if a dinosaur sneezes? Why, get out of the way, of course! These are just two of the dinosaur jokes that will have you laughing and rolling on the floor until your stomach is, well, saurus. https://www.childsworld.com/shop/show/2276 ‘Animal Jokes’ (9781503880726, $32.79, HC, 24pp) Did you ever wonder why the whale crossed the road, or what you get if you cross a cow with an octopus? Young readers will enjoy a clever and creative selection of riddles and jokes related to four-legged, feathered, and finned creatures. https://www.childsworld.com/shop/show/2280 ‘Holiday Jokes’ (9781503880764, $32.79, HC, 24pp) Want to know what kind of music the Pilgrims played? Ever wonder why vampires can’t play baseball in the daytime? You’ll find the answers to these silly questions in this book. From Valentines Day through Christmas, you can keep your family and friends ho-ho-ho-ing throughout the holidays with these great jokes. https://www.childsworld.com/shop/show/8341 ‘Riddles’ (9781503880795, $32.79, HC, 24pp) What do you call a book that both tickles your funny bone and tests your brain? That’s an easy one: Hah-Larious Riddles! Here are dozens of riddles to keep your noggin working hard! Critique: Highly recommended for family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library humor book collections for young readers, each title also features a table of contents, informational sidebars, a phonetic glossary, a fun-facts section, critical-thinking questions, sources for further research, and an index.

—James A. Cox

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