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A noteworthy review of Military's Most Powerful from Booklist on February 1, 2024

Cover: Powerful Military Aircraft

An action-packed scene of a military vehicle or machine in use jump-starts each topical installment in the Military’s Most Powerful series.Successive short chapters introduce related military vehicles, machines, and technology with specialized vocabulary (e.g., radar, stealth, infrared) in bolded text. Context clues and a concluding glossary make these high-interest terms accessible to young readers. Powerful Military Aircraft focuses on different aeronautic structures and uses of combat aircraft (fighters and bombers), noncombat aircraft (planes used to move troops and supplies and for reconnaissance), and helicopters. Powerful Military Drones explains how drones work and are operated on the ground, in the air for surveillance purposes, and even in combat. Powerful Military Technology emphasizes protecting the country through such technological advances as missile defense systems, high-power lasers, and cyber warfare. Powerful Military Watercraft examines the physical characteristics and functions of three different kinds of watercraft employed in combat: destroyers, submarines, and aircraft carriers. Throughout the series, readers learn the specific names of missiles, drones, planes, ships, and more and see images of them in action through numerous full-page photographs. Each book also includes an infographic that presents interesting comparisons of such things as stealth-aircraft features and drone wingspans. An engaging series for students with budding STEM and military aspirations.

—Angela Leeper

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