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A noteworthy review of Safari Animal Families from Booklist on April 1, 2024

Cover: A Confusion of Wildebeests

This offering from the Safari Animal Families series (12 titles) begins with an explanation of why groups of wildebeests, or gnus, are called confusions. Presumably the term is based on wildebeests’ tendency to clump together in big bunches, occasionally even trampling one another. Subsequent chapters provide information on gnu varieties, habitats and life cycles, and the critical role of wildebeests’ annual migrations play in maintaining Africa’s grassland ecosystem. Sidebars bring up interesting tidbits, such as how zebras and wildebeests coexist peacefully and mutually benefit from each other’s presence, and how wildebeests’ noisy snorting may contribute to their reputations as confusions. Full-page color photos abound, and ample back matter includes open-ended discussion questions, a mapping activity, a glossary, and resources. This will appeal to researchers and animal enthusiasts alike.

—Kathleen McBroom

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