Cover: Step-by-Step Experiments with Magnets

Step-by-Step Experiments with Magnets

From the Series: Step-By-Step Experiments

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A noteworthy review of Step-By-Step Experiments from Library Media Connection on October 1, 2012

Elementary students will enjoy this series as it is packed with fun and easy experiments. Each volume introduces a seven step scientific method: research, question, guess, gather, experiment, review, and conclusion. Students can then engage the method through four easy-to-complete… View →


A noteworthy review of Step-By-Step Experiments from Children's Bookwatch on May 1, 2012

A premier publisher of non-fiction ‘books in series’ specifically designed for school libraries and classrooms, one of the newest twelve volume sets and enthusiastically recommended is The Child’s World series ‘Step-By-Step Experiments’ and provides young… View →