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School Library Journal (Beth Wright, Edythe Dyer Community Library, Hampden, ME )

In each of these volumes, the goofy Professor Snickerdoodle helps a young friend perform a series of simple science ‘tricks.’ Clearly illustrated instructions show how to perform each one, and ‘how it works’ sections using a minimum of scientific terminology… View →


Parent Council, Ltd.

Forest fires are not always bad, as this science book explains. Beautiful photographs and a question-per-page format make this an attractive book for young curious minds. A short glossary and index are included. View →


School Library Journal (Karey Wehner, San Francisco Public Library )

Unusually large, clear, full-color close-ups give these basic introductions a cachet of realism. In each title, a full-page photograph of the type of invertebrate profiled alternates with a page of text in large, easy-to-read print; scientific terms are introduced in bold-face. Each book View →


School Library Journal (Denise E. Agosto, formerly at Midland County Public Library, TX )

A surprising amount of information is packed into this attractive title. Very brief text and large, full-color photographs introduce the land, plants, animals, history, and culture of Mexico. Although the text is choppy and oversimplified in some places, this colorful book makes a good… View →


Parent Council, Ltd. (SK)

Large full colorful photos and easy-to-read text take young readers on a guided tour through a busy animal hospital. Whimsical illustrations give further explanations about the significance of events taking place in each of the photographs. Aspiring young vets and animal lovers in… View →


Parent Council, Ltd.

Magnificent full-color photography of animals in action. Clear, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand text explains the importance of certain animal adaptations such as camouflage, and animal actions such as migrations and home construction. Each of the books contains a table of contents… View →


SE Pennsylvania School Library Book Reviewers (Stella K.)

The message of this book is that kindness is essentially doing something thoughtful and nice without being asked to do it. Each double page of the book has an imaginatively simple but clear full-color drawing of a child doing something which is described in the adjoining page. The acts… View →


School Library Journal (Gebregeorgis Yohannes, San Francisco Public Library, CA)

This profusely illustrated introduction presents some very basic information. Each double-page section briefly covers a different topic, such as the land, its people, flora and fauna, history, education, and contemporary life. A three-quarters page, full-color photo alternates with a… View →


School Library Journal (Charlyn Lyons, formerly at Wichita Public Library, KS )

This attractive photo-essay looks at how ostriches are born, what they eat, how they run and protect themselves, and more. Each spread includes a full-page, full-color photograph of average to above-average quality that zeros in on the topic or attribute under discussion. Suitable for… View →


Parent Council, Ltd.

Courage is defined for children using typical childhood situations; opening your mouth for the dentist, telling a friend you won’t cheat, and owning up to your mistakes. This is an excellent resource for discussing other related values such as honesty, standing up for convictions,… View →


Parent Council, Ltd.

Self-control – one of the hardest lessons to learn! The simple illustrations and text depict situations all children face; lining up without pushing, keeping your eyes on your own paper, not feeding the dog at the table and many more. This book is great for all children, but would… View →


Parent Council, Ltd.

Children are used to being thankful for gifts and privileges. They may not stop to consider, however, how thankful they are when someone sings them to sleep or finds a cherished lost toy, or when the sun comes out just in time for a picnic. This is one of a series of books for youngsters View →