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Favorite Basketball Teams

He drives for the basket...he shoots...he scores! The amazing athletes of the National Basketball Association (NBA) offer a dazzling show of speed, strength, and control. They've got game--and now young readers have books that will take them right into that nonstop world of fast breaks, layups, slam dunks, and three-pointers. Each volume covers a popular NBA team, its greatest players, the team's home court, and even some sport stats. Students learn the secrets of their favorite teams with these fast-paced books!

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Boston Celtics 3.9
Chicago Bulls 3.9
Dallas Mavericks 4.0
Los Angeles Lakers 4.0
Miami Heat 3.8
New York Knicks 3.9
Oklahoma City Thunder 4.1
San Antonio Spurs 3.8

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