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The United States Presidents

The United States Presidents series chronicles the lives of our nation's leaders, including some of the most famous figures in American history. Each book tells the fascinating story of a single president, from childhood and early life to the presidency and beyond. Additional sections explain the branches of government, the Electoral College, the White House, and the various presidential perks. Exploring the lives and times of our presidents gives readers an inside look at the personalities, key developments, and important events that have shaped our nation's history.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Abraham Lincoln: Our 16th President
Andrew Jackson: Our 7th President
Andrew Johnson: Our 17th President
Barack Obama: Our 44th President
Benjamin Harrison: Our 23rd President
Calvin Coolidge: Our 30th President
Chester A. Arthur: Our 21st President
Donald Trump: Our 45th President 6.6
Dwight D. Eisenhower: Our 34th President
Franklin D. Roosevelt: Our 32nd President
Franklin Pierce: Our 14th President
George H. W. Bush: Our 41st President
George Washington: Our 1st President
George W. Bush: Our 43rd President
Gerald R. Ford: Our 38th President
Grover Cleveland: Our 22nd and 24th President
Harry S. Truman: Our 33rd President
Herbert Hoover: Our 31st President
James A. Garfield: Our 20th President
James Buchanan: Our 15th President
James Earl Carter: Our 39th President
James Madison: Our 4th President
James Monroe: Our 5th President
James Polk: Our 11th President

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