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The World's Greatest Athletes

They are the heroes, the winners, the champions. They are the people whose exploits thrill and inspire us all. They are the World's Greatest Athletes, and this series celebrates their lives and accomplishments. Written by top national sportswriters, the volumes in this series feature outstanding male and female performers from traditional sports as well as the action sports kids love. Whether the subjects are veteran superstars or up-and-coming phenoms, these books describe their life stories, the secrets of their success, and their greatest moments. Young readers looking for inspiration will find it in every book.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Annika Sorenstam 6.7
David Beckham 5.6
Dwyane Wade 6.1
Ice Kings 5.7
Kevin Garnett 6.0
LaDainian Tomlinson 5.5
Ladies of the Court 6.8
Landon Donovan 6.0
LeBron James 5.6
Mat Hoffman 5.9
Peyton Manning 6.2
Roger Federer 5.4
Shaun White 6.0
Surfing Stars 5.5
Tiger Woods 6.5
Tim Duncan 5.9
Tom Brady 6.3
Tony Hawk 6.6
Tony Stewart 5.7

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