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A noteworthy review of Regions of the U.S.A. from School Library Journal on December 1, 2013

Cover: The Midwest

These broad overviews are each organized into four chapters that hint at their content, e.g., in Midwest, the chapter on geography, plants, animals, and weather is called ‘Plains, Bison, and Blizzards.’ In Southwest, the one on government and economy is titled ‘Councils and Cattle.’ The remaining section covers history, people, and food. Wherever possible, subheadings with more standard descriptors like ‘Geography,’ ‘Climate,’ ‘Wars,’ and ‘Present Day’ are consistent across the series. The traditional layout uses highlighted central bars to display a single fact and the caption for the single photo. Two small maps, one political with names abbreviated and one showing land formations and capitals, are included. Each chapter includes one spotlighted text box; in chapter four, it’s a regional recipe. These books are worthy of consideration where states are studied by region.

—Carol S. Surges

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
The Midwest 5.2
The Northeast 5.1
The Southwest 4.6
The West 4.7

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